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Recycling Fashion- Why is it so important?

Recycling Fashion- Why is it so important?


Every once and while I will have a rough day trying to be a start up brand and I ask myself..... "Why, after so many years of working for big fashion brands, did you decide to start your own brand?" Life was so easy working for other people!! What were you thinking??"

The answer is simple. I just couldn't watch so many things being wasted anymore. Last year Americans threw away more than 15 MILLION TONS of clothing. Over 12.5 MILLION TONS of that clothing ended up in landfills. That statistic disgusted me. 

There is so much waste in the manufacturing of denim. I knew the denim industry couldn't continue that way for eternity.  I knew we couldn't go on making clothes with new yarns forever. Growing cotton, weaving fabric, making clothes and then throwing them away to buy more clothes. Then growing more cotton to make more clothes that would be thrown into landfills so we could make more clothes.  It all seemed so wasteful and frankly, kind of ridiculous.   Why do we do this when we don't have to any longer? Landfills were stacking up with clothing people were tired of wearing.   I knew in my heart that there was a way to make jeans using only recycled fabrics.  Why not take those un-wanted clothes and use them to make more clothes? It could be done but why wasn't anyone doing it. I knew it was time to take what I had learned and take a completely new approach to making jeans. 

Mills that weave fabric for clothing figured out years ago how to make fabric using recycled yarns. However, recycled fabrics cost more and brands were afraid to buy them because they didn't didn't believe people cared about sustainability.   Brands didn't believe people would pay more for recycled products.  If I remember correctly they said people wouldn't pay more for organic food or electric cars too.  Ummm, I believe  Whole Foods and Tesla proved them all wrong.   

It was my chance to challenge that belief with Life After Death Denim. I guess that's why I find myself here today. Trying to change the way we design.

One jean at a time.