Corporate Office

3165 East Slauson Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90058

Our Promise


Life After Death Denim uses fabric woven with recycled and sustainable yarns. Last year Americans threw away 15 million tons of clothing.  Over 12.8 million tons of that went into land fills. Now, that's BAD!! 

All our trims are recycled.  Our buttons are made from scrap motor oil cans. Our zippers and pocketing are made with recycled elements. We eliminated all unnecessary paper and plastic packaging. 


Life After Death Denim utilizes dead-stock components whenever possible. Using fabric and trim resources that have been sitting around in warehouses for years is another true form of recycling.  Our main labels are hand printed on vintage hunting and military jackets. We find discarded items like Army tents and reconstruct them into new jackets. 


Life After Death Denim developed wash processes which have reduced water consumption by reduces by almost 90%. The denim industry uses 11 gallons of water to wash one pair of jeans. We aim to reduce that by 85% with every pair of jeans we make.


The denim manufacturing industry relies on chemicals to wash and antique your favorite jeans. Life After Death Denim aspires to prove to you and every other denim maker that chemicals are unnecessary as well as hazardous to our environment. We can make GREAT denim without them.